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Chai Bliss Balls

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Chai Hazelnut Bliss Ball

Chai Bliss Balls

With Roasted Hazelnut butter

Growing up, I did not enjoy the taste of coffee and I wasn’t a huge fan of dairy milk either. I very quickly became attached to a soy chai latte and shortly after that addiction, I found Almond Milk. This is when I discovered my ultimate hot drink, a delicious Chai Almond Latte – Yum!

Everyone has their preferred hot drink. I used to be a barista a while back, so trust me I absolutely know that everyone prefers their coffee a specific way.

As the years went on of enjoying my Chai Almond Latte, I noticed a few things and became very picky as to what goes in my beloved hot drink now. A lot of cafes will cheat with that horrible sugary syrup. If that’s all you got, I’ll go without thankyou! Some cafes have a really nice powder blend of spices but, ask them if you can check the ingredients on the bag… Most of the time the first ingredient is raw sugar. In that case, again I have to pass. Luckily I found a place where I live now that makes their own spice blend with no sugar. They make their own cashew milk and even chuck a sneaky shot of coffee in there for the best Dirty Chai ever. After my first sip, a recipe came to mind and I raced home to create it.

These balls have a belly-warming taste from the chai spices, combined with the tantalizing sweetness of Medjool Dates, and the earthy taste of roasted Hazelnuts.

i’m drooling – let’s get to this recipe!


2 cups of Hazelnuts – Roasted and skinned*

1 cup of Flax meal

2 cups of dates

2 tbs Coconut oil or water if preferred

2 tbs of Chai Spices combined **


Blend your hazelnuts in the food processor until they form a nut butter consistency.

Then add the rest of your dry ingredients.

Throw in the dates gradually so they combine with the dry ingredients, followed by a little bit of water or coconut oil if needed.

Roll into little balls, the size of your choice. Place on a baking tray chill in the fridge or freezer. I come from a hot climate so I like cold treats! I chuck them in the freezer for 30 mins (because that’s as long as I can wait).

*Roast your hazelnuts for about 10 mins on medium heat, checking regularly. Once toasted nicely, bring them out of the oven to cool on a clean tea-towel. Once cool wrap them up in the tea-towel and rub the nuts together and the skins will come over easily.

**Chai Spices


1 1/2 tsp Ginger

1 Tbs Cinnamon

1 tsp Allspice

1 tsp Ground Cloves

2 1/2 tsp Ground Cardamom

1/2 tsp Nutmeg

A few grinds of black peppercorns.

Spice up your life ~ Paula x