Life for me is all about leading a wholesome and nutritious lifestyle.

I am forever grateful to be able to share this love of life by creating Gluten Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Raw & Organic treats that I like to call ‘Just Soul Food’.

I grew up on the east coast of Australia and from as early as I can remember, I would eagerly await the weekly visits to our local Natural Food Store- Kunara. I would find myself staring endlessly at all the nuts, grains, luscious fruit and vegetables.

In my early 20’s it was my calling to travel the world. Throughout these years I experienced what will probably be some of the best moments of my life. But I always felt there was a fiery passion missing- My love for raw, wholesome food.


Paula Eating Cake


Early one Summer, I received news that my Dad had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It took such a tragic life event to take me home and from that moment, everything had changed. I heavily focused my headspace on healthy living, how some cancer cells can develop, and searching for how I could contribute to a source of prevention for this disease naturally. My studies where endless and my findings oh so juicy. I loved discovering just how I could make that difference!

My inspiration to begin the raw food journey began and my sister, who runs her own Gluten Free Cake business – Chocolate Provisions, was a huge help in building my foundation for JSF.

I now find myself in Powell River, of BC Canada, transforming my passion into a reality. Striving to touch every person around me that I can with Just a little Soul Food, if only to make that little difference. Everything has unfolded organically, the way nature intended.

P.S Dad is still alive and kicking… Healthier than ever.

~ Paula

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5 days ago

Just Soul Food

Morning! Just Soul Food is open today from 12-4pm.
Sorry if I'm a bit boring on here sometimes... Sometimes I really just have nothing to say and just throw delicious @taraglennphotography
Pictures at you with open hours.
Cos all I have in my head is what I want to make for you and I can't take pictures of my thoughts unfortunately.
But late next week, hopefully there will be many new treats and I'm so excited for you to try them all.
I'm waiting yet again for an ingredients order to get here, so Christmas treats menu release will be a bit behind but keep your eyes pealed here and you'll be the first to see it!
Treat pictured : Passion Raspberry Wheels
Photography :@taraglennphotography
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